This blog is an ask / role play bog dedicated more specifically toward answering in character questions as well as sharing a romance based fan fiction!~

( Fluff not smut, of course!~ )

Every day there will be a new ‘letter’! ♥ ( With the occasional view point of Italy as well!~ ) If you have a question of Italy, direct ask through me and I will be glad to pass it on to my adorable little Italy and have her answer it for you!~

This a non profit page, completely fan based using the characters created by Hidekaz Himaruya for the Historical Web-Comic and series, “Axis Powers Hetalia”! The likenesses of the characters belong to him, but the fact and the country itself belong to history!

Anything on this blog that is not written by me will be tagged / marked as such! Anyway, I hope you enjoy, ask away and watch the romance unfold as HRE’s daily love letter to Italy is published and the story advances! ♥